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Green shake (aka smoothie) recipes are everywhere these days, and I have to admit that I, too, jumped on the green shake bandwagon a few years back. After all, if done correctly, they’re an easy, delicious and satisfying way to load up on all sorts of great-for-you nutrients that help you feel like a million bucks!

I usually have this shake as a midmorning snack or as an afternoon sweet tooth satisfier. But I know many folks who love having shakes like these as an on-the-go breakfast.

Here’s how I make it:

1) First, I grab a high-powered blender and add roughly 1 cup of almond milk and two ice cubes.


Yes, it’s true – one of my cutting boards has a broken handle. But that just means it has “character”, right…? Ok, never mind.

2) Then I add my protein source of choice. I typically go with a scoop of vanilla flavored plant-based protein powder, but sometimes I’ll do about a ½ a cup of plain high-protein yogurt such as Greek. If you go the plain yogurt route, do yourself a favor and add a spoonful of maple syrup to help sweeten things up a bit.




3) Next, in goes half of a frozen banana. I like to freeze bananas by the bunch so that I always have them on hand for our shakes. Freezing them is easy – all you need to do is peel and wrap in plastic! Just be sure you do in fact peel them first… it’s nearly impossible to remove the peel from a banana once it’s been frozen. Not like I’ve done that or anything…(ahem).


4) After the banana, I add about a tablespoon to a tablespoon-and-a-half of good quality coconut oil.


5) Next, I go with about a half to a whole cup of some sort of tart or slightly sour fruit such as pineapple or berries. It creates a nice balance of flavor with the sweet banana. Today I’m using frozen blackberries.  If you really like a bit of tang in your shakes, add a splash of apple cider vinegar, too.  This does wonders for the overall flavor!


FYI – the fruit you choose here will affect the color of your finished product. If you go with a light colored fruit such as pineapple, your blended delight will turn out looking a bit like this:


If you go with something dark colored like blue, black or mixed berries, you’ll be sippin’ on a shake that looks more like this:

Which is actually not green at all. I like to think of this particular drink as a “green shake in disguise.” If yours didn’t turn out very purple-y, yet, you would like it to lean more on the purple side of things, just add an extra ½ cup of berries to the mix and that should purple it right up! Not sure if this little bit of info matters to you, but if you plan on serving this shake to a kid or any picky eater for that matter, color ALWAYS matters!

6) Lastly, we need our green ingredient. I go with roughly ¾ -1 cup of frozen spinach or kale. Organic, if possible. If you’re going with fresh greens, you’ll want about 2–3 handfuls of the stuff.


7) Once all of the ingredients are in there, blend away!



Add an extra splash or two of milk if the blender gets stuck at any point. Once it’s looking pretty smooth, serve it up in your glass of choice. And if you feel like being really fancy, use a fun colored straw. And there you have it – my favorite green shake recipe! I hope you love it.

My Favorite Green Shake Recipe

Makes 1 Shake


  •  1 Cup of Sweetened Almond Milk or Unsweetened Almond Milk. If you go Unsweetened, add one packet of calorie-free sweetener such as stevia or monk fruit. A teaspoon of coconut sugar is a good option, as well, although not calorie-free.
  •  2 Ice Cubes
  •  Either 1 Scoop of Vanilla Flavored Protein Powder or ½ Cup of High Protein Plain Yogurt. If you go with the plain yogurt, you may want to add a spoonful of Maple Syrup or other sweetener of choice.
  •  ½ Frozen Banana
  •  1–1 ½ T Good quality Coconut Oil
  •  ½-1 Cup of fresh or frozen Pineapple or Berries
  • A splash (about 1 T.) of Apple Cider Vinegar (optional but recommended!)
  •  ¾-1 Cup of Frozen Spinach or Kale. If using fresh, 2–3 Handfuls.

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This smoothie sounds tasty….and with our So. CA weather warming up…something cold (and nutritious) would be great.

I usually don’t eat a lot when it’s hot outside so I am sure I’m missing a lot of what my body needs. So something cold to fend off the heat is great! All I usually drink is ice water or iced green tea. Gave up soda five years ago…so I needed to find something aside from water.


Audrey Dunham

Oh, I think you’ll really like this shake, then! And there’s so many ways you can play around with it; using different fruit and whatnot. Let me know what you think after you’ve had a chance to try it out!


Amy Rudzik

Audrey, what if I am unable to find cocoanut oil, is there another oil?


Audrey Dunham

No worries, Amy! The shake will still taste great and be very healthy without the coconut oil.


Cody Hodby

Hi Audrey,I was wondering if you knew any other health shakes and smoothies that contain more fruit and fruit juice or even yogurt? x


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