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The Story Behind the Cookie Kit

If there’s one thing Peanut enjoys, it’s having a good time – sometimes, too good of a time! On stage, my husband Jeff, is there to try and keep Peanut under control. But when it comes to cookies, Jeff can be just as bad as Peanut! Which is what inspired the idea behind Peanut’s Bake Shop Cookie Kits. As a certified nutrition specialist and personal trainer, I believe strongly in the notion of balance – of enjoying tasty treats in moderation. I helped Peanut create this small-batch cookie kit so people could easily enjoy delicious home baked goodness, without the temptation to go overboard. Bake 2, 6 or 12 cookies at a time – the choice is yours. And as Peanut might say, “Dat’s good!”



Jeff and Me!

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Nancy Weber

I just love your Cookies! I finally made them this week, and I was Surprised that it was Delicious! I didn’t even tell my hubby that they are organic, he couldn’t stop Eating Them. I just baked another Box, I feel like A child that I couldn’t wait till they Cooled down to eat one. Do you have A special code so that I can order more?


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